Dr. Marlyn Young smiling and leaning while looking forward

Dr. Marlyn Young

     I have worked in the field of Education for the last 25 years. My career in education started in 1995 as a 6th grade Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies teacher. During my time as a classroom teacher I helped build reading programs to address the needs of all learners. These reading programs utilized technology to help differentiate the curriculum so that the struggling students could find success, as well as, give the gifted and talented population additional opportunities in the classroom. Through the success of these reading programs, I discovered a wider need in Education and moved into Curriculum and Instruction. This was when I began training within districts on curriculum and addressing the needs of various students. I have graciously accepted the following challenges in different school districts: Instructional Coach, TAP Master Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Behavior Coordinator. I am currently a District Behavior Support Coordinator in a central Texas School District. I am responsible for going to the campuses and working with teachers and administrators on identifying and intervening when students have extreme aggressive behaviors. My doctorate is in Education with a specialization in Special Education. My doctoral studies centered around interventions to provide students that are diagnosed with emotional disturbances and assisting educators with these students.

     My objective as an educator is to motivate my students to develop their own learning experiences while developing critical thinking by establishing a learner-centered environment in the classroom. I believe that open communication with students is an essential element for helping them learn and succeed.